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why instead of plastic bags?

Update time:2020.12.09       Views:548

During the period of widely using plastic products, the world saw the effects of non-biodegradable waste of plastic packaging on the global environment. There are some plastic bottles and food packages in the oceans, marine organism die with plastic products and also the soil land fertility degraded. People are falling sick due to polluted air, normal people and government start paying attention to environmental issues.
Compared to a plastic bag, a paper bag’s structure more firmness and print high-quality images or logo or designs, so the paper bags is popular used in luxury and premium gift packaging industry. People carry them to schools, offices and retail stores. So it is not only benefit with business but also most importantly for the environment. 

Due to government ban or the paper bag trend, organizations gradually adopting biodegradable packaging solutions and using paper bags instead of plastic bags.
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