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1. Customer first

Work with the customer as the center, review our philosophy, strategy, values, systems, words and deeds, products and services.Think from the perspective of customers, meet customer needs, solve customer difficulties, constantly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, so that customers identify with our products and services.Create value for customers to achieve enterprise value.Advocate value creation, clearly recognize the responsibility of employees, to provide better labor results for customers.

2. Partnership
Hongwei Enterprise, with a professional and technical team, to establish a long-term and continuous relationship with customers, we are willing to help others, and willing to get help from others.As a big family of Hongwei, we will deeply explore and learn the spirit of business cooperation to maximize the interests of customers.We share our experiences with each other and are good at conducting business cooperation with companies from all over the world to realize the globalization of business and trade.


1. Elite employees
Hongwei Factory ,gathered by the technical type, professional type of talent, efficient efficiency and responsive after-sales service.

Quality, Profession, Innovation", are the key values of all our workers, we dedicated to a perfect combination between technology and quality.

2. Technological innovation
As the engine of national development, we strive to realize the technological revolution and innovation of paper-packing machinery. We dare to explore new ideas and new approaches, and are not bound by traditional ideas.Never fear failure, but stop innovating.


1.Hongwei Enterprise

Integrity management for the purpose.With the steady improvement of my professional and management ability, I have realized the evolution of high-tech factories through continuous learning.All of us should face the difficulties in our work bravely and never give up.Keep climbing and reaching new heights with a higher attitude.

2.Honest business

In line with the principle of honesty, integrity, to ensure the quality of each machine, all people keep their word, treat people sincerely, consistent with their words.Correctly and effectively prevent dishonest behavior that harms the interests of the company.


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